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My Page

Subscribe to develop your own self-curated page of photos and or short videos, even use it as a promotion platform for other work.  Become a member through referrals for additional pages. 

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My People

People are such a great source of content and support.  Reach out, promote, refer.  Aren't they in your pictures already anyway?  Those review votes are a quick connect that play no matter what they say...odds are they'll feel good.

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My Prizes

  • daily & monthly photos
  • PeopleList & FeelsLikeHome
  • weekly & monthly videos
  • First timer bonuses
  • suggestions & page promotion
  • select reviews

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My Page


Load your photos and videos to your self-curated page.  Select current contest entries to the top of page. They will automatically display on contest pages for others to see and review vote. 

Content must be suitable for viewing by all ages.

Current Contest Entries

A review drop box will be associated with each contest entry until it wins or you move it out of contention. The number of review votes are tracked automatically.  As the number of review votes on your entry exceeds the number of reviews on others, it moves toward winning.  The top 12  display on the contest front page, which is updated instantaneously.

Contact Info

It is optional to display contact info for outside this site.  You are welcome to link page visitors to your other endeavors and personal accounts, or not.

Add Pages

Become a member by referring (see below) to get extra pages for extra contest entries and more chances to win, all included in the same monthly subscription.

Monthly Subscription

PayPal handles monthly subscriptions and renewals as well as smaller prizes.

Winners receive current unused subscription balance plus prize.

All funds in or converted from Canadian dollars.

Subscribers must be at least 18 years of age verified by having a PayPal account to pay for subscription and receive prizes.  Subscriber legal name is also required at sign up and matching photo ID presented to receive larger prizes.

my People

Photo and video content

What and who would you like to include in your content?  Other than the theme contests, the subject matter is your choice, as long as it's suitable for viewing by all ages.

Anyone in your photos and videos must be credited and consent to their image being displayed.  Proof must be provided and verifiable in order to win.  Accuracy is the responsibility of the subscriber, not mypeople.today.

Build your viewing audience

Promote your page on social media.  Even those who don't use a camera much can choose the subscription option to review vote only. You can also connect with people through the comment section of your page.

Refer and get visible for referrals to find you

There is no requirement to refer.

In order to enhance the person to person culture within mypeople.today, your referrals will ask you when they have questions or need help.  People wanting to subscribe without having been referred, can choose any current subscriber to refer them.  They might choose a past winner, someone who's work they like or a member with numerous pages.  Review voting each other will improve your odds of winning.  

Members ~ get extra votes and more pages for more entries

Subscribers who have at least 12 current referrals automatically qualify as members.  

Members get 12 bonus member votes for each of their contest entries in addition to review votes.

Also, members get an additional page for every 12 current referrals.  That means another set of contest entries, another set of bonus member votes on the additional page entries and more chances to win.


Reviews = Votes

Review votes help decide winners and can provide valuable feedback.

You can review vote entries by anyone, but only review vote what you like and would like to see win.  

One review vote per subscriber per contest entry.

There is also a monthly prize for both monthly prize winners' favorite review.

My Prizes

Photos ~ Daily & Monthly Contests

Open for review votes between 6am - 6pm Pacific Standard Time, the 1st to the 28th of the month.

Daily winners will be entered in a monthly contest on the 29th of the month.

PeopleList & FeelsLikeHome


Enter daily on the 1st - 28th with images of people who are the epitome of the list...the activists, the brilliant, the delightfully unusual, the entertaining, the fun, the huggable, the socially gifted...to the methodically ordinary.


Enter weekly what to you feels like home.  The winners of the first 3 weeks of the month move on to the monthly contest.

Videos ~ Weekly Contest

Enter up to one video per week, the first 3 weeks of each month.  

Runs the first 5 days of each week ~ 1-5, 8-12, 15-19, 22-26.

The 6th & 7th days of the week, the winning entry is checked and announced.  

Weekly winners are entered into monthly contest.

Videos ~ Monthly Contest

This is the big one, the monthly final running the 4th week of each month, including 3 weekly winners.

Film school professionals decide the monthly winner after checks and approvals.

Behind the Scenes Prizes

Reviews ~ Monthly video winners choose their favorite reviewer to win this prize.

Suggestions ~ Each week subscribers vote on the best suggestions.  Many will be used.

Promotion ~ Subscribers who share how they promote their page receive votes toward this weekly prize.

Other short and long term prizes will be added regularly.  What would you suggest?

Prize Payments & More

In addition to the prize, each winner receives reimbursement for current unused prepaid subscription balance (if there is one) while staying paid up.

Prizes paid monthly after checks and approvals.

As the number of mypeople.today subscribers increases, so does the prize pool including prize values and extra added prizes.  Can you imagine a million subscribers? Then imagine with that a $1.2 million monthly video prize. 

All funds in or converted from Canadian dollars.


If you need information that you can't find here, start by checking with the person who referred you to mypeople.today

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