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Today's photos, videos and prizes

Videos of the week

~ Fun that Pays ~

Launch videos will be about

discovering mypeople.today

subscribing, referring, membership, 

entering all the contests,

winning and helping others win

...anyone can do it

Beta Group Benefits

Subscriber Driven

mypeople.today is an image contest site driven and guided by its subscribers.  Join the Beta Group to help sort what works well and provide feedback for improvements.  As a pre-launch subscriber you'll get double member benefits and discounted pricing from the start and long term.

Pre-Launch Contests

Pre-Launch Beta contests determine the website images for launch, all linked to winning subscribers' pages.  The Beta group enjoys contest prizes even with  heavily discounted pricing, making winning real during testing. Prizes will be smaller than after launch proportionate to discounted pricing.

Members & Pricing

Beta subscribers get double member benefits for each 12 current referrals: 2 additional pages and 24 bonus member votes for contest entries on each page.  Subscription pricing will be phased during pre-launch, and stay at that pricing for those subscribers thereafter: $3 month 1, $6 month 2, $9 month 3, $12 upon launch.


Prizes are paid monthly based on the number of subscribers on the 28th of the previous month.

*** The values below are the first prizes based on a potential July 28 pre-launch Beta Group of 8,000 subscribers.  

* Prizes are in or converted from Canadian Dollars.

Prize acceptance constitutes release of interest in the winning photos and videos for further display and use by mypeople.today.

August Prizes ***

Daily & Monthly Photo

Daily 1st - 28th     $10 *

Monthly 29th     $60 *

Suggestions & Monthly Reviews

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Suggestions  $10 *

29th Review $10 *

PeopleList & FeelsLikeHome

PeopleList 1st - 28th   $10 *

FeelsLikeHome 7th, 14th, 21st $20 *

FeelsLikeHome 28th $100 *

Best Page Promotion

28th    $60 *

Weekly & Monthly Videos

Weekly 7th, 14th, 21st   $240 *

Monthly 28th   $2,400 *

First Timers' Bonus

In addition to and the same value as regular prizes for those who haven't won before.  These include Daily Photo, PeopleList, Weekly FeelsLikeHome and Weekly Video.