mp.t has become


mp.t has become 

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Photo Contests

Take lots of photos?  Ever imagined you could make money by posting them?

Upload and enter your photos for a chance to win daily, weekly and monthly prizes.    

Video Contests

Film professional or moment capturer, upload and enter up to 3 videos per month for a shot at the bigger prizes.  Weekly winners become monthly contestants, judged by professionals.

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Cash Prizes

More than 40 cash prizes each month

increase in value as subscriptions increase.  

Spend it on an evening out, or potentially...

fund your feature film.

Behind the Scenes


Social connections can be very valuable.

  Referrals are a great way to 

improve your odds of winning.


Review vote other submissions to offer feedback and help determine winners.

Monthly winner's favorite reviewer also wins.


Suggestions help make this site subscriber driven.  Photo winners can suggest a photo series theme. 

There is even a monthly suggestion prize.

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